Jim Mellon

Jim is positioning himself as a key UK investor in the cultivated meat space and has written this book to encourage others to capitalise on this technology too. His company, Agronomics, was founded in  to make early investments in promising new startups. He has worked with and spoken to many of the CEOs featured in this book in order to offer useful insights and assess the most promising companies.



Jim’s investment philosophy is underpinned by his ability to recognise emerging trends that give rise to new industries or major shifts in markets. This includes the global financial crisis of 2008-2009, as foreseen in the first book Jim co-authored entitled Wake Up!, and subsequently in the new science and technologies detailed in Cracking the Code and Fast Forward.
More recently Jim has established himself as a thought leader in the nascent field of ageing research and longevity as well as a key investor in alternative proteins, through his company Agronomics. He is interested in keeping the world healthy and properly and ethically fed and forecasts great investment opportunities in both these areas.
Jim Mellon also runs Master Investor to provide tips and forecasting insights to the investor community. His wealth of knowledge and vast experience allows him to capitalise on sound investments upon which he has built a worldwide business empire. Jim is serially amongst the top 10% in the Sunday Times Rich List and holds a master’s degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from the University of Oxford.

‘Cultivated meat is the future of food. This is not science fiction, this is here today’

Books written by Jim Mellon with Al Chalabi

Juvenescence - Investing in the Age of Longevity

Juvenescence explains the incredibly complicated science behind ageing research and investigates the new technologies concerned with treating ageing as a disease itself rather than just the incidents of ageing. The book offers advice on the industry from Jim, one of the thought-leaders in this space.

Cracking the Code

Cracking the code (2012) outlined some of the most important trends in the biotechnology sector and offered extensive advice on how to profit from them in business and investment.

Wake Up!

Wake up (2005) was written to be a wake-up call to investors about the ill-health of the global economy in the lead up to the financial crash of 2008. Jim’s prescience in this regard led to the making of some very successful investment decisions.

Moo’s Law

Moo’s Law™ (2020) is Jim’s latest title addressing the macro trend of new agricultural technology which will spell the demise of highly destructive conventional farming.